Thailand Holidays 2021

Thailand is a major draw for holidaymakers from the UK. As of 2020, It is the most visited destination in Asia and it’s easy to see why. And there’s never been a better time to book a trip to this wonderful country with beaches aplenty and fascinating and diverse cities and countryside.

From the bustling city of Bangkok, which is the most visited spot to the exotic beaches of Phuket, a holiday to Thailand can’t fail to disappoint. Thailand has fantastic beaches, the best of which are situated in the east and south, amazing food, fascinating culture and outrageous nightlife. If it’s peace and solitude you are after, trekking in the north is fantastic where you can explore the woderful Thai countryside and visit many interesting spots including beautiful temples.

Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok is a Mecca for hedonists the world over. It’s a truly mind boggling experience walking the streets and indeed the place can be quite overwhelming at times, however, it is a truly unique experience to be savoured.

Thailand has an extremely hot and humid climate from March to June , so you are advised to dress accordingly – in fact it’s probably best to stay on the beach rather than walking the streets of Bangkok. Monsoon season is September – so bear this in mind when booking your holiday. And what with the current troubles with the reds and the yellows, it’s all a bit like ‘Cheggers Plays Pop’.

For many people, it’s the beaches of Thailand which are the real stand out. Indeed, the James Bond film, The Man With the Golden Gun was filmed here and the island where it was filmed has since been renamed ‘James Bond Island’. Excursions to this and other remote islands are avaialable should you wish to really get away from the crowds.

Nightlife in Bangkok is an extreme experience to say the least. It’s definetely not for the faint hearted and if you are easily shocked then it’s best to avoid.

If you’re interested in booking a holiday to Thailand, it is advised that you check with your travel agent who will advise you of the current safety situation for tourists.

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