Spain Holidays 2021

Spain offers something for everyone. Away from the coast, Spain’s cities are fascinating and diverse.

The capital of Catalonia, football mad Barcelona, is an exciting and vibrant city. It ranks with Madrid and Seville as one of Spain’s most popular city holiday destinations. Famous for it’s amazing architecture, walking the city streets is a truly unique experience. Antoni Gaudi will forever be associated with the city and rightly so two of his greatest creations are the as yet unfinished Sagrada Familia and The Casa Milà, which is located in the Eixample area of the city.

It is an architecture fanatic’s delight, however, that’s not all. The streets are a hub of activity at night and there’s plenty of fantastic restaurants and cafes to frequent. Just watch out for the pick-pockets!

The art lover will also find Barcelona extremely interesting. With The Miro Foundation, The Gallery of Modern Art and The PIcasso Museum all within the confines of the city, there’s something here for most people’s taste. Get a full run down on Barcelona Holidays 2016 in our full web guide.

The near mythical island of Ibiza has been portrayed as a hedonist’s dream destination, a package holiday destination for lager swilling sunburnt Brits and a ‘hippy paradise’.

It’s all of these things and much more. It’s true that the island has a unique energy all of it’s own. You can sense it the moment you step off the plane on to the sun kissed tarmac. Away from the built up holiday resorts there’s much to see on the island and vast tracts remain unspolit and ripe for exploring.

The beaches are varied and beautiful – from the massive stretch of Playa d’en Bossa to the inviting coves of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracionetta next door.

It’s true at times the place seems over-run with tourists but never the less Ibiza holds a unique place among not only Spanish holiday islands but among holiday destinations throughout the world.

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