Kenya Holidays 2021

Surely the world’s number one destination for safari holidays, Kenya is a fascinating and wonderful country to visit. Although the National Parks are Kenya’s best known and most visited feature, Kenya is also a fantastic destination for a beach holiday.

Safari So Goody
The Maasai Mara National Park is the hot spot for most tourists visiting the country and it’s easy to see why. Stunning vistas dotted with fascinating wildlife such as tigers, lions, gazelles and wilde beast to name just a few of the species which roam the plains are a source of endless fascination to the tourists driving through the parks.

The whole set up here with regards to the organisation of safari trips, the knowledge of the tour guides and the friendliness of the people you will meet is really second to none. Combined with the spectacular sites on offer, it makes the whole experience all the more pleasurable.

The Beaches
It’s a little known fact that Kenya has over three hundred miles of golden sandy beaches and numerous world class resorts on it’s beach front. Water sports are also well catered for and the weather is perfectly suited to lazing on the beach.

The capital Nairobi still maintains remnants of it’s colonial past and is a great place to base yourself as some safari parks are only hours away.

Other Sites of Interest
The stunning majesty of Mount Kilimanjaro never ceases to amaze, however if you plan on scaling it’s heights, you will need to come prepared. Most climbers will experience some form of altitude sickness and also require the help of local guides to reach the top (as experienced by Radio One’s Chris Moyles, Fern Brittten and friends).

Weddings and Honeymoons
More and more people are choosing to have their special day’s ceremony and celebration in Kenya. It’s certainly different to the local church, however, if this is not your scene, then it could be the perfect honeymoon destination for newly weds.

The Weather
Kenya has low rainfall and high temperatures, however, it’s coastal location means that cooling breezes float in from the sea rendering the temperature much more accommodating to the traveller from the northern hemisphere.

In Summary
Kenya offers an excellent holiday option for travellers who are especially interested in luxury holidays and multi-centre options. The beaches are truly stunning and the savannah of the Maasai National Park are unforgettable. For the holiday of a lifetime, Kenya really is a magnificent choice.

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