India & Goa Holidays 2021

India & Goa – Two Dream Destinations

Many holiday destinations are proclaimed as unique. It’s certainly a phrase that is overused, however, when it comes to India holidays, it’s probably safe to use this phrase. To the first time visitor, it can appear a chaotic and frenetic place. This makes it the ideal destination for a luxury holiday or guided tour in the coming year 2016. From the hustle and bustle of the capital, Mumbai to the desolate and dramatic peaks of The Himalayas to the sun-kissed beaches of Goa, India offers so much to the enthusiastic and adventurous traveller.


First things first. Mumbai the is an endlessly fascinating city to explore and is on an absolutely massive scale which renders the visitor somewhat bemused at times. The traffic can seem quite dangerous to the western visitor indeed it seems sometimes that the Indian’s belief in reincarnation gives them a license to drive their vehicles quite irresponsibly. Being a coastal town, seafood is very popular in Mumbai and there are plenty of quality restaurants to enjoy. Curries are of course a local speciality and are quite unlike those available at Indian restaurants in the UK or US.

Goa Beach Holidays

Backpackers and luxury holidaymakers alike revere Goa as one of the greatest beach holiday destinations in the world. The resorts are first class with Colva being a particular favourite of the author. Seafood restaurants are in abundance here and are of extremely high quality. Beautiful European style villages are dotted throughout the hills and most of the entertainment and nightlife are concentrated around the hotels on the coast.

The Taj Mahal

India’s main tourist attraction is of course, The Taj Mahal. Who can forget Princess Diana sitting forlornly in front of the majestic building back in the nineties. It’s certainly associated with love and romance and would be the ideal stop off for honeymooners or those enjoying a romantic get away.

In Summary

India is a massive frenetic exciting and unpredictable place and as such, is not for the faint-hearted. It truly is quite unlike anywhere else you will have been before and life does seem to move along at an extremely fast pace. It is also in the ascendency economically at the moment and just walking down the streets allows you to feel the energy of the people here. Don’t delay. Book a holiday today by clicking through to our sponsors from the links at the top of this article.

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