Edinburgh City Breaks 2021

A holiday in Edinburgh, Scotland’s cosmopolitan capital can be fantastic. Here you will find a truly multi-layered city, with its medieval architecture, Georgian Revivalist churches and buildings, along with everything you would see in any modern city, it’s a place you must see to believe.

What to See

In the Old Town, you’ll find the root of Edinburgh’s medieval soul; the Royal Mile will take you down past the old Edinburgh Castle (which has stood for over a millenia) to the Holyrood Palace where you can explore with guided tours. At Stockbridge you will find the Royal Botanical Garden, and some interesting spots to shop for local and high end goods. Shopping is great in New Town, the city centre will delight you with it’s huge variety of products and deals.

In Leith,  you can see the port and all the ships come in, a great place for photos. In Edinburgh East you will find many nice beaches in Protobello, and Duddingston village. Edinburgh South is a great place for drinking and eating, and near the university so it won’t heart your budget.

What to Do

Visit the 150 year old Camera Obscura in Castle Hill; here you can sit in a room where light is focused down and you can get a full view of Edinburgh during the day. The Scott Monument shouldn’t be missed; erected in memorium of Sir Walter Scott, you can climb this 200 foot monument and look down on the city centre. Edinburgh is also home to the largest theatre in Europe, the Edinburgh Playhouse, which houses over 3,000 seats and has shows regularly. At the Edinburgh Zoo, you can see the world famous “Penguin Parade” and enjoy the cute little penguins running and bouncing around.

Remember to walk along the river at the Water of Leith, to take a break from the busy city centre and enjoy nature. Arthur’s Seat is a dormant volcano where you can get a gorgeous view of the city from the top, and its 251m height isn’t too hard to traverse even for an amateur trekker.

Shopping is great in Edinburgh, and you can find something to suit any budget. Check out Princes Street for low to medium range shopping, dining, and drinking. George Street is the more upmarket shopping area and runs right alongside Princes Street. Cockburn Street is the more alternative shopping area, and you can stroll along the Royal Mile in Old Town to get souvenirs.

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