Cyprus Holidays 2021

Cyprus, Land of Aphrodite

The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the most interest culture and historical sites in the world. Cyprus is home to the last remaining divided capital, split between the Turkish and Greek peopleNicosia is a wonderful site that is covered in history and good natured people. Cars and homes rarely spend an evening locked, due to the lack of major crime. Taking in the beautiful mountains and unspoiled beaches are just a few of the wonders of this island.

Nicosia, the capital, is a must see for any visitor, because of its amazing historical relics. The city itself is still surrounded in some places by the Venetian walls that originally acted as defense from roaming bandits and pirates. Within the walls there are countless bars and restaurants all serving the unique cuisine found only on Cyprus. The ‘green line’ is truly interesting, as you can see exactly where the city has been divided between the Turkish and Greek people, each side having their own unique window in the culture that is Cyprus.

The climate is what you’d expect from a luxurious paradise in the Mediterranean. The hot, dry summers are made tolerable by welcoming winds that blow in from the coast and between the northern and southern mountain ranges. The winters remain cool and livable as well. The mountains themselves are covered in walking trails that lead you to some of the most quaint and lovely villages. Whether you are walking through Phini, Platres, or Kakopetria, you will find a warm welcoming people that are glad to share their traditions and favorite meals with travelers.

Speaking of the foods, Cyprus has some of the more delectable foods and one is even considered an art form. Cypriot meze, which is an appetizer similar to Spanish tapas, is served all over the island in countless different styles; in fact, some restaurants only serve it. Meze is generally made with meat or fish, but most often the two are combined for unique flavors that leave you wanting the recipe to try and recreate it at home. Another favorite of the island is Hallourmi, which is a cheese that is unique to Cyprus; it is made from a mixture of cow and sheep milk and is best served grilled due to the hard salty flavor when eaten raw.

Cyprus is a beautiful island and the people there will make you truly feel like you are on holiday to the old country. Whether it is their lively music or wonderful foods, you will feel like an old friend instead of a tourist. The people of Cyprus have embraced life and want to share the wonderful joys of life that are sometimes lost in our daily lives.

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