Chile Holidays 2021

Chile is a narrow strip of a country along the southwest coast of South America. Here you will find beautiful beaches, the world’s driest desert, and rainforests.

Northern Chile and Antofagasta
Antofagasta is a great place to visit in the north. Here you can see sea lions and pelicans in the harbor. In Calama you can see the salt plains, the Chuquicamata open mine, and the ruins of Chui Chui. The El Tatio Geysers are beautiful, and the Atacama Desert is the driest place on the planet.

Central Chile and Algarroboyo
In Algarroboyo, you can swim in the San Alfonso del Mar, or the biggest swimming pool on Earth. Santiago is the capital city with fantastic mountain climbing and skiing. Portillo is also great for skiing, and one of the premiere resorts; check out Tio Bob’s at the top of the mountain with a great view and delicious meals.

If you enjoy beaches, check out Maitencillo, a small beach town that’s packed on the weekend and Parapente Adventura has paragliding for $50 for 15 minutes. If you like drinking, go to Melipilla, with its Chicha wines! Vliches has a mediteranean like climate with mountain climbing, kayaking and bird watching.

South Central Chile and Concepcion
Concepcion sits on the Chilean Coast, and has much in the way of history. The Museo Hualpen is a house converted into a museum with objects from world traveler Pedro del Rio Zanartu. Lota lies 40km south of Concepcion, where you can tour a 19th century coal mine. In Pucon you can climb Volcan Villarrica, a mountain that towers over Pucon at 2,800m.
Rafting and kayaking can be had in the Trancura River, with rapids that are suitable for beginners to advanced rafters. Valdavida has a beautiful fish market where you can feed sea lions at the dock, and be sure to try the local Marzipan!

South Chile and Tierra del Fuego
The main attraction of the deep south of Chile is Tierra del Fuego, or the Land of Fire. Here you must see hike the Glacier Martial, where you can take in a view of the Beagle Channel. In the summer months, you can set off from here to the Antartic, and you can take a cruise through the Beagle Channel and to some of the minor outlaying islands like Los Lobos Island.

When eating here, try the local king crab, but remember since it is so far from arable soil, produce will be transported in and not fresh.

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