Brazil Holidays 2021

Brazil Holidays

The Beauty of Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful, exciting and sensuous country that is most well known for it’s famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro among many other top tourist attractions. The party atmosphere permeates almost the entire country and you’ll sense a true buzz on the streets as you enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of this, the largest country in South America.

Adventuring in the untouched rainforests of the Amazon will bring you closer to nature and help you feel one with the earth. You will never run out of things to do or wonders to see when you visit a truly great South American holiday destination, Brazil.

One of Brazil’s most endearing characteristics is its diversity and the country’s culture bears testimony to it’s various influences down the years, from native Indian to Spanish colonists to African slaves. Music is one of the most important aspects of Brazilian life. Types of music in Brazil are as varied as you’ll find practically anywhere in the world.

Brazil has added its own ethnic flavour to styles we commonly consider to be country, rock, techno, and rap. New urban styles of their own have also developed as they intermingle sounds we are all familiar with to create something new and strange.

Brazilian Food

Brazilian cuisine has a few very special dishes, but a lot of it can come off as monotonous and bland. The national dish is known as feijoada, which is a hearty stew made of pork, dried beef, and black beans; it is usually served with rice and garnished with collard greens and sliced oranges. Be careful of the amount you eat, as it is a hearty meal and could leave you in need of a nap instead of touring around the city seeing the sights.

The standard when it comes to lunch is usually Prato Feito: Rice and brown beans in a local sauce with a small steak. While there are variations throughout the country most of the meals will start with Prato Feito.

Brazil is a beautiful country where you can enjoy amazing natural sights, delve into the country’s fascinating history or maybe even take in a football game, not to mention some particular gems when it comes to food.

In addition to the general excitement that permeates the country, Brazilian people are spirited and enjoy a good time above all else, so be sure to get in plenty of partying as you experience Brazil and Carnival.

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