Bolivia Holidays 2021

The South American country of Bolivia is purely exceptional. The land, rich in natural resources, is comprised of salt flats, jungles, grasslands, and even swamps. The country is also rich in culture – more than 60% of the population is of indigenous heritage, including Aymara, Quechua, Guarani, among many other ethnicities. Holidays in Bolivia are full of diversely beautiful landscapes and unique cultural adventures.


The highest capital in the world, La Paz, can be found in Bolivia. Its highest elevation measure over 4100 meters. Overlooking the city is the towering mountain, Illimani. La Paz is also the largest city in Bolivia. It is a lively center of commerce full of Indian markets and saturated in indigenous culture.

Travelers to La Paz are rewarded with a simple local flair but also with the opportunity to visit some of the country’s few trendy cafés. The world’s most dangerous world can also be found in La Paz. Visitors seeking a thrill and adrenaline rush can rent a mountain bike and hire a guide to travel this road.


The spicy food and ethnic cooking found in Bolivia is well suited to the cold climate. Most meals are also heavy in carbohydrates and proteins. Trout, or trucha, from Lake Titicaca is also popular. As in most South American cultures, homemade drinks are also popular in Bolivia and include a cocoa tea that is said to help visitors adjust to the altitude, and fruit shakes, or licuados, made with either milk or water.

Visitor Activities

Travelers to Bolivia would be remiss not to visit the Salares (salt planes). It is home to a variety of different bird species, including flamingos. Birds can be found feeding on the red and green “soda lakes”. Lake Titicaca is also an ideal holiday destination in Bolivia. It is said to be the highest navigable lake in the world. Bolivia is also home to one of the most diverse national parks on earth. It is populated with thousands of bird species and five big cat breeds and stretches from airless 6,000 meter peaks down to a hot and sticky jungle.


The climate of Bolivia varies drastically from the highlands to the jungles, however, due to the country’s high altitude, most areas are pretty cool – averaging 20C (68F). Winter nights see temperatures plummet to freezing. Rainfall occurs mainly during the summer months, between November and March.

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