Belize Holidays 2021

Belize is a fantastic and exciting place to spend your holidays, and is perfectly suited to the luxury end of the market. Multi-centre and all inclusive options are especially convenient in this part of the world.

Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is the only country in Central America that does not have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean. The lush jungles and Mayan ruins as well as access to the Caribbean Sea leave travelers with plenty of options for adventure and entertainment throughout the country. The people of the country are amazingly friendly and you could get lost in a conversation for hours. Taking the time to explore the jungles and ocean wonders can be exciting, but being careful is always important. If you are headed to Belize, prepare for opportunities for adventure at every turn.

The jungles of Belize are a product of the tropical climate. Expect it to be rather hot most days and extremely humid, though tropical showers are a relaxing way to cool off in the mid day as well as all the wonderful shade found everywhere. The jungles are filled with exotic plants and animals that will give any traveler reason to stop and take pictures. The educational value of a guided tour lends knowledge to beauty and adds an element of safety to proceedings (there are many dangerous plants and animals in Belize). The terrain of Belize is generally jungle, swampy plain or coastal beaches that regularly flood during hurricane season.

The biggest attractions when holidaying in Belize are the opportunities for adventure. You can go deep sea fishing, snorkeling, or go off and explore the attractive reefs which line the coast. Cuisine consists of the staples of Belize, which are white rice, pinto beans and chicken. The average meal will consist of those three items mixed with native spices and coconut milk which gives a sweet and hot flavor that is unique and exciting to experience. The availability of citrus fruits is astounding; oranges and grapefruits can be found almost anywhere within the country. Pineapples, bananas, plantains and papayas are sold in roadside markets all along the main highways and are usually ripe and delicious when bought.

The people of Belize are an attraction in themselves. They generally lead slower, more relaxed lifestyles and because of it are a usually happy and welcoming people. Though they do get offended by rushing people, a simple greeting and some eye contact will go a long way in making friends with the locals. You may even get caught up in a conversation lasting hours. Taking the time to experience all the wonders that Belize has will leave you with holiday memories filled with new knowledge and sights that you could find in few other places in the world.

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