Bali Holidays 2021

The Indonesian island, Bali is one of the world’s premier destinations for sun worshippers and thrill seekers alike. It’s a major spot on the back packer trail and for many, is the number one exotic holiday destination.

For it’s many visitors, Bali has a particularly special feel. The people here are especially friendly and the scenery, beaches and landscapes are at times, quite breath taking.

Despite the terrorist atrocities of 2002 and 2005, which cast an inevitable shadow over the island and it’s atmosphere, the tourists and travellers are flocking back to this sensational island, seeking sun and good times.

Bali is a predomenantly Hindu island (the rest of Indonesia is mostly Muslim) and this particular aspect of it’s culture is prevalent throughout the island.

There are many beautiful temples, ceremonies, festivals and rituals evident as you travel through the island. You may even notice charms and trinkets which taxi drivers are so fond of hanging in their cabs.

Main Attractions

The Elephant Cave is situated near Ibud in the south of the island. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and was built in or around the ninth century. The carved head, said to be that of an elephant immediately strikes visitors on entry to the cave. You will need a torch if entering the interior of the cave as it is very dark inside and lighting is minimal.

The Beaches

Of course, it’s the beaches that most people come to the island for and there are many wonderful resorts dotted around the island. The most popular is Kuta, while Jimbaran, Nusa, Benoa, Dua and Sanur are also beautiful and well worth visiting.

Bali Bird Park

For lovers of our four feathered friends, The Bali Bird Park really is a sensation. It is home to over 250 species of some of the world’s most exotic birds and makes for an excellent day’s excursion. The park also features a restaurant and gift shop with plenty of bird related souvenirs.

Bali Bars and Eating Out

Bali’s nightlife is exciting and frenetic. Although alcohol is not available throughout the rest of Muslim Indonesia, Hindu Bali does not impose the same restrictions. Bali food is tasty, filing and usually spicy.

If you want to sample a number of different dishes, go for a rijsttafel (rice table in English). This dish was made popular by the former Dutch colonists but is now just as popular in it’s native Bali.

As well as all this, Bali also offers great opportunities for leisure pursuits such as bungee jumping, all manner of water sports, horse riding, tennis and golf. It is an island paradise second to none. You can have the perfect holiday in Bali if you so wish.

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