Bahamas Holidays 2021

The moment that your toes touch the sugary sand and your gaze meets those crystal blue waters, you know that you’re in The Bahamas. There is a comfortable ease, an instant sense of belonging. A hammock stretched between two palm trees. A warm, accommodating people await to make your holiday as special event. The iconic island paradise.

Capital of The Bahamas

Toss one part international glamour with two parts of island laid-back tropical ease and you have Nassau. Found on New Providence Island, this capital city has two bridges that connect it with Paradise Island meaning that this beautiful island pair can offer up a mixture of fine dining, attractions, five-star hotels, fresh fish markets, water sports and boutique shopping rarely found in most capital cities. Nassau gives you the option to do as much or as little as you want.

Food in The Bahamas

Being an international destination, the Bahamas have any type of food you could desire, but give in to the lure of Bahamian cuisine. It is spicy and uniquely flavored. The national dish is conch, a type of mollusk, served “cracked” (deep fried) or simply scored with a knife and sprinkled with lime juice and spices. This usually is accompanied by pigeon peas and rice, mixed with onions, tomatoes and spices. Another popular dish among natives is boiled fish served with grits.

The Bahamas also has several adult beverages that originated in the islands. Kalik and Sands are two beers that are brewed locally and no less than four rum distillers including Bacardi, Ron Ricardo and Fire in the Hole rums are found on the islands. A favorite Bahamian drink is called “Sky Juice”, consisting of coconut water blended with sweet milk and gin.

Visitor Activities in The Bahamas

The biggest event in the Bahamian calendar is Junkanoo, a street carnival held on Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year’s Day (January 1). Junkanoo groups run through the streets of towns, especially Nassau, wearing spectacular hand-made, yet disposable costumes of crepe paper and playing distinctive Junkanoo music, a combination of African rhythms with loud brass and cowbells, fusing them together in a medley that borders on cacophony but is ultimately danceable.

The costumes, made from scratch every year, are disposed of on the streets as the party ends and make a great free souvenir to bring home!
Eco tours and water sports abound in the islands. Many Air, Walking, Surrey, Ferry Boat and Cultural Tours abound throughout the Bahamas.

Climate in The Bahamas

Thanks to the trade winds that blow throughout the islands, the Bahamas are blessed with warm weather year-round. September through May provides average temps of 70-75º F and during the remainder of the year, there is high humidity and temperatures from 80-90º F. Nights see the temperatures fall 5 to 7 degrees. Hurricane season runs from June to November.

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