Argentina Holidays 2021

Argentina is a beautiful country filled with countless wonders and home to a nation of (mostly) relaxed and happy people. Argentina is the second largest country in South America and is home to a beautiful climate and amazing landscape. Whether you are visiting the breathtaking Iguazu Falls or Nahuel Huapi National Park you will be surrounded by some of nature’s greatest natural wonders. Visitng Argentina opens the door to an adventure in a fun and relaxed country.


Transportation in Argentina is mainly by train, plane, or automobile. If you decide on a car, there are some things to consider. While the country does have fairly well marked roads, stop signs, and other traffic signals, the people rarely heed them. It is said that right of way at an intersection is usually determined by who honks first, though the size of your vehicle has a lot to do with whether or not you get to go first. Although there are police checkpoints at various points in the highway, most foreigners are not checked for license and registration, just being waved through.

Food and Drink of Argentina

The food of Argentina is exceptional, but their style of eating is slightly different from most other places. Breakfast is usually a rather light meal that can consist of some toast and a few pieces of fruit. Lunch is usually a large meal, and its size is mainly due to the fact that dinner isn’t eaten until after 9PM. Though there is usually an afternoon tea around 6PM, the tea is rarely accompanied by anything other than a small ham and cheese sandwich. Beef is the primary component of most Argentine meals and is often considered world famous for its flavors and tenderness. The number of ways it is prepared is simply astounding and you will want to try every last type available.

How To Enjoy Argentina

Taking the time to enjoy what Argentina has to offer is important, and remember that like its people, your holiday should be taken at a comfortable and relaxed pace. Life moves a little slower in Argentina than in most highly industrialised countries and trying to rush around will ruin the effect of this South American paradise. Argentina is a relatively safe country and along with Brazil, one of the continents very best holiday destinations so as long as you exercise caution and stay within the more populated and upscale areas, and so long as you don’t wear the wrong football jersey, you should be ok. If you must wear one, an Argentina World Cup jersey is the way to go.

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