Antigua Holidays 2021

Antigua is beautiful and well known the world over for it’s white sandy beaches, laid back locals, and great weather. Well known for it’s tranquility and vibrant night life, Antigua offers something for everyone.

St. John’s

St. John’s is the capital of Antigua, and home to a large port where cruise ships dock daily and the international airport. Towards the end of July and early August you can see Carnival, an annual festival comparable to Mardi Gras in the United States. Cricket matches happen all year long, with live calypso music and dancing, it’s something that shouldn’t be missed! Gambling is also available to those over 18, with innumerable amount of night clubs and pubs scattered all over St. John’s, and they almost always have European beers!


Barbuda is a beautiful island composed mostly of twin limestone slabs, with much to see for nature lovers. You can see the frigate bird colony, and for a more romantic outing just walk along the desolate beaches enjoying the sunset. Visit It’s a Bit Fishy, an excellent seafood restaurant with all food sourced locally, a karaoke bar, and delicious cocktails. Martello Bar and Grill is right on the beach that hosts grilled seafood and vegetables.

English Harbour

You can get into English Harbour by plane and by taxi. Here you can see Nelson’s Dockyard, a great preserved naval port from the King George Era. Shirley Heights has a party every weekend, with great food, calypso music, and drinks.


Falmout is located on the main island of Antigua, and you can get in from other islands by plane, and get in and out by land in a taxi. Be sure to visit Ionie Cake Shop for decadent treats! Sweet T’s Ice Cream Parlour is very close to the hotel district, and a good way to wind down a day of exploring; they serve ice cream, chicken, and burgers. Remember to visit Monk’s Hill, one of the forty forts constructed by the British that has survived the test of time.

West Coast

The West Coast is arguably the best place for swimming, sailing, watersports and relaxing by the beach in Antigua. It’s white sandy beaches are on the opposite side of the Atlantic, so the water is very calm and suitable to children. Here you can visit Jolly Harbour, where you can rent a villa for the night or longer and enjoy a seaside view during your stay.

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