Alaska Cruise Holidays 2021

Alaska is the largest state in the US and it rests on the Artic Circle. During the summer, many travelers opt for an Alaskan cruise holiday, and this is by far the best way to see Alaska.

A cruise will bring you near all the glaciers, wildlife and give you time to go explore the mainland. Many will even opt to hire a private boat or yacht on a cruise so they can get into the smaller spaces that the cruise vessels can’t. One thing to look out for are cruises that let you kayak right off the boat.

When you sign up for a cruise, you will see that they have two itineraries, an Inside Passage Route going roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver, or the Gulf Route going between Vancouver and Seward or Whittier Alaska.

Cruise ships have 2 main itineraries: The Inside Passage Route going roundtrip from either Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, Canada and the Gulf Route running Northbound and Southbound cruises between Vancouver and Seward/Whittier.

Places to see in Alaska

Barrow is the Northernmost city in Alaska and the United States, but not much can be done here other than buying postcards. Homer is the Halibut Fishing Capital of the world, Kachemak Bay State Park and Katmai National Park. These two are great places to view wildlife, great for kayaking and hiking.

Denali National Park has the highest peak in North Amerca, the 20,320ft Mount McKinley. The Gates of the Arctic National Park has ridges in abundance, deep fjords, and many freshwater rivers for kayaking. Lake Clark National Park is a nature preserve that has many volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Wrangell St. Elias National Park has the most mountains of the area, and is known as the mountain kingdom of North America.

What to Do

When you’re in Alaska, you should hike, bike, kayak, fish, and take some nature expeditions to check out the wide array of wildlife. Be sure you stay up through the night atleast once, you’ll be dwelling in the land of the midnight sun so enjoy the days that never seem to end. Drive down the Dalton Highway, a 200KM highway that has some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska.

When in Alaska, remember to clean up after yourself. It’s a pristine place, please keep it that way by picking up your trash! Don’t buy any souveniers from the approved list shops, it’s all poorly manufactured junk that you can find on the internet for a lower price.

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