New Zealand Holidays 2021

Hobbiton Movie Set, Matamata, New Zealand

Part of New Zealand’s charm comes from the isolation it enjoys as an island. Auckland, which is the most populated city of New Zealand, has two harbors in two different bodies of water. Avondale and Otara flea markets provide you with a colorful shopping experience, while Sylvia Park and Botany Town Centre provide you with… Continue reading New Zealand Holidays 2021

Thailand Holidays 2021

Thailand is a major draw for holidaymakers from the UK. As of 2020, It is the most visited destination in Asia and it’s easy to see why. And there’s never been a better time to book a trip to this wonderful country with beaches aplenty and fascinating and diverse cities and countryside. From the bustling… Continue reading Thailand Holidays 2021

India & Goa Holidays 2021

India & Goa – Two Dream Destinations Many holiday destinations are proclaimed as unique. It’s certainly a phrase that is overused, however, when it comes to India holidays, it’s probably safe to use this phrase. To the first time visitor, it can appear a chaotic and frenetic place. This makes it the ideal destination for a… Continue reading India & Goa Holidays 2021

Ireland Holidays 2021

The Great OutdoorsIn the north of the republic is the wild and windswept county of Donegal which features wonderful beaches and many unspoilt wildernesses, but pack some waterproofs as Donegal’s location on the Atlantic coast means it has a tendency to be rather wet. There are some wonderful villages with fantastic authentic pubs in County… Continue reading Ireland Holidays 2021

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Iceland Holidays 2021

Iceland, despite its name, is a mountain and verdant country in the Northern Atlantic. It consists of seven major regions; Southwestern Iceland, North Iceland, East Iceland, the Interior, West Iceland, South Iceland and the West Fjords, each has its own charm and something special to offer the adventurous traveler. CitylifeUrban playgrounds abound for visitors in… Continue reading Iceland Holidays 2021

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Kenya Holidays 2021

Surely the world’s number one destination for safari holidays, Kenya is a fascinating and wonderful country to visit. Although the National Parks are Kenya’s best known and most visited feature, Kenya is also a fantastic destination for a beach holiday. Safari So GoodyThe Maasai Mara National Park is the hot spot for most tourists visiting… Continue reading Kenya Holidays 2021

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Spain Holidays 2021

Spain offers something for everyone. Away from the coast, Spain’s cities are fascinating and diverse. BarcelonaThe capital of Catalonia, football mad Barcelona, is an exciting and vibrant city. It ranks with Madrid and Seville as one of Spain’s most popular city holiday destinations. Famous for it’s amazing architecture, walking the city streets is a truly… Continue reading Spain Holidays 2021

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Chile Holidays 2021

Chile is a narrow strip of a country along the southwest coast of South America. Here you will find beautiful beaches, the world’s driest desert, and rainforests. Northern Chile and AntofagastaAntofagasta is a great place to visit in the north. Here you can see sea lions and pelicans in the harbor. In Calama you can… Continue reading Chile Holidays 2021

China Holidays 2021

China really announced it’s presence on the world stage in 2008 with the amazingly successful hosting of the Olympic Games. They well and truly pulled out all the stops and delivered a true spectacle on an enormous scale which put every previous Olympic Games in the shade. Beijing China is a massive country, and with… Continue reading China Holidays 2021

Cyprus Holidays 2021

Cyprus, Land of Aphrodite The third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the most interest culture and historical sites in the world. Cyprus is home to the last remaining divided capital, split between the Turkish and Greek people; Nicosia is a wonderful site that is covered in history and good natured people. Cars and homes rarely spend an evening… Continue reading Cyprus Holidays 2021

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